Millennials and the workplace: from stereotypes to strategies - 25 June


The debate about millennials and workplace culture tends to produce more heat than light, centred on millennial stereotypes which are either wildly positive or needlessly negative. For some, millennials are a cohort that is entitled,  unfocused, and emotionally vulnerable – the ‘snowflake generation’. Others follow the more positive view, echoed by Simon Sinek that they are purpose-driven innovators who are less materialistic than previous generations. 

So, what’s the real deal here? Our 6th event seeks to address a common theme that has emerged throughout previous Zebra discussions. Facilitated by millennials from across different career paths, we will explore what, if anything, is genuinely different about this generation and whether organisations are responding in smart ways:

  • Are we really witnessing an irreconcilable culture clash at work between millennials and baby boomers? How do these tensions manifest themselves?
  • Is there a millennial leadership style, and are they supporting each other in ways that are different from previous generations of managers and leaders? 
  • Compared to previous generations millennials and Generation Z (born between 1996 and 2010) connect and share their lives more publically and intensely.  How does that behaviour, and the digital visibility of the lives of their peers, affect their motivations and strategies at work?
  • Are millennials changing workplace cultures from the inside - gently and powerfully remaking work in a way that benefits everyone, as the aspirations and expectations of the four generations now at work converge and connect? More a case of culture hack than culture clash?
  • Is the real revolution going to be purposeful self-employment, reshaped by the millennial generation? What might that mean for the traditional employment offer?

In this interactive campfire session we will hear contributions from researchers, business leaders, young entrepreneurs and those following the corporate path; exploring the challenges and opportunities from all perspectives. Attendees of all generations will leave with a sharper understanding of millennial motivations; of the truths and realities of how they view the workplace; and with practical insights about how to manage the workforce of the future.

Speakers and panellists


Taylor Vinters
Tower 42, 33rd Floor
25 Old Broad Street
London, EC2N 1HQ.


Monday 25 June 2018 from 3pm to 6pm followed by drinks and networking

Who should be involved?

Millennials in the workplace, senior business leaders including those responsible for the strategic direction of their business - CEOs, COOs, CIOs, CTOs, GCs, Global HRDs, founders.

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