The human cloud - Virtual working and futureproofing organisational strategy - 10 May


Let us take you on a journey into the future of work…

Our customers and environments are changing at pace - driven by technology, rapid globalisation, new societal values and the changing demographics of the workforce. Leaders at the top of all organisations need to be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities presented by these changes.

The real migration of labour is already happening online, irrespective of border controls. Platforms now enable access to a growing gig economy, and with it the ability for companies to benefit from a global talent pool across a rich and varied breadth of disciplines, working towards the completion of tasks, rather than hours.

What does this powerful real-time marketplace for skilled workers mean for businesses as they plan the shape of their organisation and talent strategy? This session will explore how organisations need to refresh their thinking around the way they build, hire, lead and engage their own teams. What will high quality engagement of a dispersed workforce look like in the future?

  • Where might your workforce be based if you could engage staff to work remotely?       
  • Is this the gig economy that really matters – skilled staff migrating to portfolio working lives in order to improve work life balance and personal fulfilment?
  • Will this continue to drive growth in collaborative work spaces and increasingly sector specific hubs?
  • What are the upsides and downsides for businesses and freelancers of these developments?
  • What impact might that have on your business, its culture and your leadership of it?
  • How quickly will these changes reshape the workforce and the shape of organisations?

In this workshop experience we explore the challenges and opportunities arising from these developments, the impact on organisational strategy and how businesses should be responding. Attendees will leave with thought-starters for their organisation and how they can personally start to move towards a more futureproof way of thinking about leading their organisations, resourcing their businesses, and setting themselves up for the future.


Norn, 5 Heneage St, London E1 5LJ



Thursday 10 May, 3pm to 6pm followed by drinks and networking.

Who should be involved?

Senior business leaders including those responsible for the strategic direction of their business - CEOs, COOs, CIOs, CTOs, GCs, Global HRDs, founders.

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Speakers and panellists

Nick MannTaylor Vinters