Future Fundamentals – presenting findings from the first 12-months of The Zebra Project - 17 January 2019

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Launching The Zebra Project in January 2018, we wanted to create a community to work with us to discern the fundamentals of future success; digging deep into what the drivers should be behind our businesses, and how we can create step changes in innovation, growth and the quality of working lives.

Over 200 business leaders, creative thinkers, academics and visionaries have participated across the eight discussions we have held so far as part of the Project and we’ve seen a fierce curiosity and desire to understand and actively shape the future, not be blindsided by it.

We’ve explored a wide range of drivers that are reshaping the way we work, live and buy and  found that rather than being distracted by the latest tech fad; it is the speed of change and the scale of innovation and growth opportunities that’s driving many leaders to go back to first principles to ensure they have future proofed the fundamental aspects of their business.

These striking common features have united discussions across the Zebra sessions leading to some actionable leadership agendas emerging, which we have captured in our first Zebra Report:

Future fundamentals – the soft infrastructure of business and why it matters today

Join us on Thursday 17 January to celebrate Zebra’s first birthday and to hear more about the most important themes and issues that have emerged to date.


The Hoxton, Shoreditch, EC2A 3HU.


Thursday 17 January, drinks from 6.30pm.

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