What is the zebra project?

Business is being reimagined, but not fast enough.

We are already seeing the reinvention of business and employment structures enabled by a huge wave of technological change. With purpose and value outplaying profit as business drivers, crowds and platforms emerging as the new hierarchies, the rate of AI adoption impacting on the skills and quality of jobs for the workforce of the future, the rise of populism and its impact on the geo-political stage and the fusion of culture, technology and space in work place environments; businesses need a step change in their approach to drive innovation and growth.
Launched in January 2018, The Taylor Vinters Zebra Project brings together a cultivated cohort of business leaders, creative thinkers, academics and visionaries to explore the opportunities resulting from the paradigm shifts reinventing business philosophy, employment structures and technology in society. 

Expert and peer-to-peer discussions and workshops will be at the heart of this crowd project designed to spark ideas, drive conversations and frame the essential Board level to do list needed to succeed in this reimagined world of work.

Read and download the year one Zebra report: Future fundamentals – the soft infrastructure of business and why it matters today.

Who should be involved?

Senior business leaders, business architects and innovators responsible for the strategic direction of their business.

Get involved and be part of the conversation

To get involved please click here for more details. The Zebra Project is designed to evolve over time in response to conversations and areas of particular interest, please check back or sign up to be kept informed of Zebra Project updates and new events. 

Many thanks for a really fascinating event. Was so interesting and I feel armed to ask some of the right questions back at the office, when we start talking about what our charitable objectives and purpose are and is!
— Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust