Workplaces and spaces // Rewriting the rules to drive innovation, creativity, engagement and productivity // 3 October


Perhaps more than ever before, societal shifts are driving businesses to think more about the design and functionality of the workplaces they provide in order to support the new demands of employees today.

The battle to attract and retain talent is as competitive as ever and the change in what employees’ value in an employer is beginning to have a profound impact on how workplaces look and feel. Positive wellbeing, flexible working and a sense of belonging and community are all high on the list of priorities for the modern worker and organisations are re-evaluating their physical office space to accommodate these new demands. Leading organisations understand that well-designed workspace environments improve performance, creativity and speed of innovation, whilst also building a healthy culture, all of which help to grow and keep their workforce.

In this upcoming session of The Zebra Project we will be looking at how the physical business environment is playing an ever-greater role in employee happiness and has the ability to shape future success:

  • What are the wider societal shifts at play? What do they mean for the spaces we occupy and the working practices we employ?

  • How can we balance the challenges of flexible working with creating collaborative cultures and the need for a sense of belonging?

  • What are the big opportunities for businesses in this disruption – how can they design their organisations and work environments for innovation, creativity, engagement and productivity?

Key contributors


Knotel, Floor 2, 130 Jermyn Street, St. James's, London SW1Y 4UR 


3 October // 16.00 to 18.00.

Who should be involved?

HRDs, COOs, Heads of Real Estate, Workplace strategists, Innovation Managers, CEOs & Founders.

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